When I was F-Bombing Ballerina, banging her hard from behind, she moaned louder in pain.

Am I hurting you?’ I asked.

You are.’ 

Thank you!’ I reply with a smile on my face.


Quick Update

Suave is alive and well. Actually, quite tired too. Since I’ve been focusing all my effort into running a business, there is very little time for real Game – except when it’s poker game, played sitting on my ass – or writing about anything.

However, next week I will hopefully be posting about a threesome. If it goes wrong I will post it too, just for laughs.

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‘May I interest you in a product that will be profitable for me?’

Almost Closing A Former Student

A girl named Cross-Fitter studied with me in 2014, and I could have closed her at that time, but I had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend, so I couldn’t be bothered with the whole platonic love from a student.

Since I am now back in Sao Paulo, I decided to invite her out. She is still dating the same guy.

I can be a real bastard sometimes, but not this time! Considering that she had teacher crush for me and out of respect for her being in a serious relationship, I didn’t fuck her; Instead I had her sucking my dick until I came on her face.

Bidding The Sex Island Goodbye

It is not but with great grief that I announce my journey on The Sex Island is over, at least for the time being. (There is still one more post to come after this one about my adventures here).

I first came to The Sex Island in July 2014 for two weeks to get to know the project I would then start working from September 2014. While in July I was in a relationship with a girl back in Sao Paulo and I didn’t do any Game, in September I was single again and ready to tear down the place.

My time here was well spent. I got to know a culture so rich, full of dances and mystiques, the local folklore which broadened my mind. I also grew a lot in the professional aspect, having picked up interpreting skills.

I certainly want to come back in the future.

I’ve lived on The Sex Island for a total of 15 months, but because of the many travels, effectively I spent a little less than ten – I went to The Jungle City four times in these 15 months and each visit lasted around four to five weeks.

Between The Sex Island and The Jungle City, I counted 31 girls I
F-Bombed, going through my Facebook and Whatsapp lists. I counted only the girls from these two cities, therefore the girls I F-Bombed in Sao Paulo are not included. Plus, there might be some girls I couldn’t remember – not all of them are on my Facebook and my phone was stolen (in front of five girls).

It averages two girls per month, which is not great, but at the same time it shows consistency. Taking into consideration that I didn’t have a car until March, which limited my availability to go out, I can say I did pretty well.

Twenty-one out of the thirty-one from North Brazil were closed in 2015 (excluding the overlaps), which lowers my average.

I am more than happy, because I closed one hot girl after another. First there was a nurse in February, then there was a real Model in July, Celebrity and Pocahontas in November, Curly Hair and Netflix & Chill since September, a cheeky threesome in April, another hottie in August and a new acquisition who deserves a post of her own.

There are obviously a few I never wrote about.

After my break up in September 2014 I was a bit on the low end, as you would, but it was only in 2015 I decided to get serious into Game, although not as a PUA any more. My ex-girlfriend was hot and intelligent, but I wouldn’t take her back now. And miss all this fun?

This year was my best in terms of quality. I can proudly remember each single lay and know it was picked among the best.

At the beginning of the year I projected my success, and I’ve more than accomplished it.

The scary part is, this only the (re)beginning.


Longing for a girl is a lot more comforting in the arms (and legs) of another.

It’s evident Celebrity would be my lady if we lived in the same city. I even thought of the possibility of moving to The Jungle City for good (sign a two year contract for work), although it wouldn’t be sane to do so. It’s in the back of my mind for now.

I delayed meeting Curly a little. When we finally met I realised she is hotter than ever. She must be 1,70m tall and used to weigh 53-54 kilos when I left to The Jungle. She managed to lose 4 kg which zeroed down her belly (it was flat before). Her tight bum is uncompromised.

I F-Bombed her so well she is never going to forget that fuck. Some nights we are just more inspired, I guess.

Damn, she is hot. I can stare at her body for hours. Her small pointy breasts, the flat stomach, her golden skin and the delicate mannerism… We woke up at the break of dawn only to start another session, she then proceeded to blow me. Her sexy lips was partially hidden behind her curly hair which was reflecting the morning Sunrays… I’m always going to remember that moment. ‘Can I sleep some more?‘ she quietly asks. So I lay her down and we sleep some more.

Two days after, I met Netflix & Chill who has probably fallen in love. She wants to cook me meals, insists that I stay a little bit more and says that she misses me. Her ex-boyfriend keeps on calling her on weekly basis. The footballer has stopped stalking her when she threatened to call the police.


Curly is my number one girl on The Sex Island.

Both my girls are beautiful and feminine. I thought I was going to lose interest in them after Celebrity, but it’s quite the opposite, especially with Curly. Although two is a good number (easy to manage, you don’t get bored), it’s one number away from disaster.

What I like about the North and Northeast region of Brazil is that the girls tend to be warmer, more feminine and submissive. It must be only coincidence that feminism hasn’t spread in the north as much as it has in the south.


Checking my Whatsapp now (arranging to go out):

  • The first four chats on my screen are girls I have already F-Bombed;
  • Out of the first 15 chats (one being a group), nine have had the pleasure to know the F-Bomb.

All four stand well above the average beauty in the places they go to.

(The first four, and all the others, were stacked naturally. Under no circumstances did I start chatting to four girls I’d been with just to write a post.).

Interesting Chat

The following interaction happened last Friday:

Engineer: Did you pick up anyone on the weekend?

Me: Yes, a girl named Celebrity

******* Engineer picks up his phone, goes on Facebook, opens her profile ******

Engineer: This Celebrity….?!?!

Me: Yes, this Celebrity.

Engineer in a casual toneYou mean, you’ve been with her, or…?

Me: I’ve been with her.

Engineer still casual: Did you fuck her ?!?!?

Me: Yes.

Engineer trying really hard to sound casual: What, you brought her home and fucked her …?!?! 

Me: Yes, I fucked her. Please don’t tell anyone.

Engineer pointing to a low-six-mother-of-two next to him: I’ve been going out with this one.

Me: She’s got nice legs, though. 

I didn’t think it’d be important to comment on her camel face.

In all honesty, after having spent more time with Celebrity I came to the conclusion she’s a nine.

This guy is alright, and shiny in north Brazil too, just like myself. He’s successful and competent, spends at least four hours a week in the gym, is travelled and has some cool hobbies. It’s unfortunate for him that he wont have the same successes as we are having.