About Suave.

This blog is about the adventures of Suave in Brazil. Suave is no longer a PUA nor he teaches Bootcamps any more. After moving to Brazil from London, he has been harvesting from his journey up to here.

Suave is the real deal. He’s a seducer of women. I warn you here, he’s not the warm-hearted, ‘leave them better than you found them’ affable big brother type of guy. He’s a a genuine bad boy lay. 


6 thoughts on “About Suave.

  1. individuoindeciso

    Olá Suave,
    Eu sou um paulistano entusiasta de daygame. Pratico regularmente a 6 mêses, passei a marca de 500 abordagens recentemente. Tenho melhorado muito.
    Li sua história e ela é muito legal. Eu gostaria de poder estar em um ambiente tão propício para meu desenvolvimento no game. É muito difícil achar um wing sério por aqui, principalmente para daygame.
    Sei que não é mais um PUA, mas gostaria muito de conversar com você, tomando uma cerveja por minha conta. Apenas para conhecer alguém que trilhou o caminho e quem sabe ver um mestre em ação.
    Aguardo uma resposta sua no meu e-mail!

  2. Hey Suave,
    I stumbled upon your blog when googling “game Sao Paulo”. I took me by surprise that you know Jimmy Jambone who I’ve met and keep in touch with.
    I’m actually from the UK and myself and a mate are planning a trip to Brazil in 3 weeks time hitting up Rio and then Sao Paulo for a week.
    I can’t seem to find a way to contact you directly apart from this.
    But yea I was wondering if you were still in Sao Paulo and were up for a coffee just to exchange stories and exchange local knowledge of where the hot spots to visit for Daygame and Nightgame. Your advice would be much appreciated as we are only visiting for a week and want to hit the ground running!
    – K

  3. Suave how much do you charge for coaching on 2-sets? I’ve seen some youtube vids of yours that were good but no audio. Fill me in. Yaw30@yandex

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