Poland Memoir


It was Shammers idea to go to Poland to chase Eastern European girls. After he had a successful run in Lithuania, having made love (his words) with a local girl on the beach (someone should make a drink about experiences like this), and two days after, having owned the whole floor of a nightclub in Vilnius while he danced with a stunning local girl who ditched her boyfriend to dance with Shammers, he then decided to organize a little trip with the RSG guys. Nick and I agreed to go, where we would be joined by Adam in his local city.

While my story will take place in Lodz, I have to mention that I witnessed something in Krakow that would change Day Game; Something I didn’t think would be possible before:

Although already knowledgeable and experienced about Day Game, it was only in 2009 things started to click for Nick. Whereas he’d number close dozens of girls per week, he wasn’t getting many lays, as you can see in his old posts.

We were doing Day Game in the streets of Krakow. After having walked the whole afternoon looking for sets, we were near the apartment, about to call it a day, when Nick, restlessly, tried one last approach. In less than 15 minutes he extracted the cute Polish student while I went back for a nap. I woke up with Nick text-messaging me saying he had fucked her in the toilet of a pub! It was (if I’m not mistaken) his first ever SDL.

Nick only got better after that and went on from being the least successful player in our group to the best Day-Game Artist in the world, with hundreds of lays and scores of SDL.

Lodz is a charming university city 100 Km from Warsaw. Upon arriving there, we spent the afternoon catching up with Adam in a cool little pub. Him being well connected in the city, he invited us to join him in the VIP area of a nightclub where we met a very confident young man who was studying at a local university while also learning game. He is as good looking as a night-wolf.

While we were enjoying each other’s company, Nick pointed at a local girl who was dancing next to her friends, near the bar.

‘That girl over there is at the most fertile time in the month. Notice how she’s dancing on her own, even though there aren’t any males near her. She’s not trying to get anyone’s attention, but unconsciously she is trying to communicate she is ready to mate. Neither of her friends are dancing. Also, it’s too early in the night so she can’t be drunk. I don’t fancy her, but someone should approach her.’

He barely finished the last sentence, and I was on my feet walking straight towards her. I complimented her on the way she danced (by then I was honing my direct approach for bar/club-game) hooking her right away. When she found out I was Brazilian, she answered me back in Portuguese. It turned out she had spent two years in Brazil as part of a university exchange. What a great banter.

I brought Sexy Dancer and her friends back to our VIP area, and Adam started hitting on the other girl. He had previously asked us to not say he was Polish, instead he wanted to play as an American.

After about an hour or so, I isolated Sexy Dancer to an upstairs area where we made out. Since I was staying at a hostel, I didn’t have any place to F-Bomb her at, but Nightwolf had kindly offered me his hotel room, at a nearby Holiday Inn.

Let’s get out of here,‘ I suggestet

Where to?’

Anywhere, let’s get lost.

Since I didn’t have any location ready, I played the adventurous card. The goal was to get her out of the club and away from her friends.

She readily got up, I picked up the key from Nightwolf, and we jumped into a cab.

When we got to the hotel, she called her friend to say where she was. Of course, they spoke in Polish and I couldn’t understand a word, bit I smirked when she told me her friend was at Adam’s apartment.

Adam told me afterwards that the following took place when his girl picked up the phone:

Hey, I’m sucking his cock right now …  Hmm, it tastes nice … Are you gonna have sex with yours? … Ok then, have fun.’

We went down to business. She was so horny our clothes went down within minutes. I bent her over and started F-Bombing her from behind. Because she was too sensitive, she’d twist her body in such a way that the bomber would slip off. I then grabbed hold of her long hair and yanked it hard, unabling her movements. It was one of the most sensual fucks I’ve ever had.


I was greeted with a glass of whisky back at Adam’s apartment, while the two girls started talking to each other, in Polish, unaware that Adam could understand them, comparing their experiences. They were rating us.

According to Adam, their exchange went somewhat like this:

‘How was yours?’

‘It was amazing. How about yours?’

‘Oh, it was great!’

We both got a five-star rate. It would have been embarrassing to hear otherwise.

Now, the girls wanted to get back to the nightclub; Adam and I wanted them to go home so we could go back to the nightclub and pick up more. We got our way (again) and as soon as they entered they cab, Adam and I were walking back to the club, trying to get one more notch. Unfortunately we didn’t have any luck the second time, but it would have been legendary if we did.

Although I had gotten back as the king of F-Town (a game we used to play in which the last person to F-Bomb a girl in foreign soil would hold this noble tittle), Nick’s SDL was truly amazing. He went on to repeat it many more times.


P.S. I’m in some sort of relationship now, so I won’t be posting about new F-Bombs for a while.


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