A Rescuer For Brazil – The Fall Of The left.

There is a worldwide phenomenon going on, which an increasing awareness of what the left-wing and the corporate media are truly about – a bunch of rotten liars. It was evident in Trump beating Clinton in the US, it seems to be also increasing in the UK and other parts of Europe, and it has also started in Brazil, when we recently went out on the streets to demand our then president Dilma Rousseff, who was highly inefficient, besides being dishonest, be impeached, only one year after being re-elected. Both Rousseff and her predecessor, Lula, managed to destroy our economy and nearly break the country, operating the biggest money embezzlement in history – of the world. They represent the Labour Party in Brazil.

Being lied to

In 1964, after a voting session in the parliament, our then extreme-left-wing president was deposed and we had a military government that lasted until 1985. I was born in 1982.

In school, we were taught that there had been a coup and that Brazil had been under a dictatorship – which is a lie, since there was a voting session to elect the military government. Only recently did I find out the truth about it, by conducting my own researches.

Even during this military government, the left-wing continued to try to seize power. Financed by the Soviet Union, China and Cuba, the left-wing started to launch a series of terror attacks against civilians, robbing banks and causing chaos in various parts of Brazil. They would even implement training-camps and send guerrilla leaders to be trained in Cuba and China. Our former president Dilma Rousseff took part of a terror group that would rob banks (in order to finance their cause), and she was part of a group who shot and killed an 18-year-old soldier at point blank. In other words, our last president is a murderous, a bank robber and a terrorist.

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On the top right it says: Terrorist, Bank Robber

Upon being unsuccessful, the leftist proceeded to installing people who shared their communist views into the media and universities, a tactic well known to URSS and China. Since most information would get to people via radio and newspapers, there was an extremely biased media group who would manipulate the mass, while their kids would be taught against the government, for many decades to come.


My points of views have also changed. I used to think Che Guevara was cool, mostly because of his pictures, and that Robin Hood (character) was a liberator. Reading Ayn Rand and both talking to and reading Nick’s and Jimmy’s blogs helped me to open my eyes. I probably would anyways, eventually, but I’m thankful that it happened sooner.

The internet came to liberate us all, because, even though Google, Facebook and Youtube are leftist, there are other ways of getting information from other sources. In Brazil, Facebook groups such as ‘I was unaware that I was conservative’ and ‘Out With the Left,’ have been growing ever more popular.

In 1985, we had the first general election since the military government, and since then we’ve had presidents with left-wing stance, some disguised as right-wing, as in Fernando Collor and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, and extreme left as in Lula and Dilma. Lula gained popularity through the union. When he was its leader, he would promote himself and his political party by negotiating and organizing strikes throughout the country.

In the 90s, we had a very competent candidate, Enéias Carneiro, who was never given a chance. The leftist TV would refuse to invite him to debates and he would be given only 30 seconds during electoral TV time, whereas the leftist would be given up to 9 minutes. The media painted him as a weirdo. Unfortunately he past away years ago, but his videos too are getting more and more popular. He was a physician with a good understanding of economy and politics. He once believed in communism, but changed his views into a conservative, right-wing stance.

Eneias would argue that Lula was incapable of governing a country. He knew better than most of us.


The Light At The End of The Tunnel

Image result for jair bolsonaro ovacionado
Jair Bolsonaro at any given airport he lands at.

We have a former military, currently a congressman, who is aiming at presidency. Even though Jair Bolsonaro has many gaps, his qualities overcome them all, being his integrity the most important. The media too tried to paint Bolsonaro as a weirdo, like they did Eneias Carneiro, but the more they try it, the more popular he gets. We don’t believe the media anymore.

Bolsonaro’s arch-enemy is Jean Wyllys, a homossexual who was the winner of an edition of Big Brother (what else do I need to say?) and is also a congressman. Wyllys (his name is very suggestive) became a symbol of resistance (for the left) when he spat at Bolsoraro during the voting of Dilma Roussef’s impeachment.  Apparently, it’s common practice for them. Their mojo must be: ‘When you run out of argument, just spit at those who oppose your views.’


Nothing happened to Jean Wyllys as recurrence of this event.

There was even a kindergarten teacher who defecated onto a picture of Bolsonaro during a protest, in broad daylight.

Bolsonaro is today the best option we have, as Trump is also for the USA. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton dealing with the North Korea crisis? Maybe we wouldn’t even get to that, because, perhaps the US would have already had started a war with Russia, by implementing the No-Fly Zone.

But we ‘re not out of the woods yet. It’s very common to see people defending Lula, even though most of his friends (former ministers and political allied) are in prison, and they will soon be followed by Lula himself.

In the other hand, many are opening their eyes and seeing it’s an easy bargain to elect a president who is honest and who doesn’t care about political correctness. It’s an easy bargain, after we had a bank robber as president for half a decade, after she succeed a racketeer who’d run for almost a decade.

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