Throwback – First #Closes and Why They Weren’t Successful

I was checking some old Facebook messages, trying to remember some girls and the location I Facebook-closed them, besided cringing at how I’d communicate with them.

One of my first Facebook-close was a Trinidad & Tobago girl named Kristina. At that time, she would have been a 9 for me, now she’d be a 7 or less.

The approach must have been the ‘if I weren’t gay, you’d be my girlfriend,’ delivered with high energy, coming from a very motivated guy who’d just learnt that with a few canned-openers, a piece of peacocking and a few DHV-Stories, I could approach any group of girls and walk out with the hottest one around my arm, while the second hottest would betray her long-term friend and slyly slid her number into this great guy’s pocket.

From my perspective then, Kristina and I had had a great moment together, connecting our souls and bonding like in a romance film, but perhaps she failed to share the same enthusiasm towards the guy she’d spent some time laughing with during a drunken-girls’ night out.

I remember being amazed by Kristina’s cheeky smile and elusiveness, while I would try to i) extract her; ii) kiss her; iii) take her number. Eventually she threw me a bone and gave me her Facebook name, and I added her on the spot (in case I lost my phone or something).

For the record, this was before I met the RSG guys. 

After a few days, and dozens of drafts, I concluded that the best way to reach out to her would be through the following message:

Hello Kristina, how’s your week so far? Hope it’s going well!

Can i have your number, please? I’m planning to go to “The Lost Society” next Sunday and i’d like you to come along, but you’ll have to promise to be a good girl..!

Thanks Trini x x x

PS: Who do you think would win in a race between Daffy Duck vs Donald Duck?

Everything I had learnt about Game had been summed into one message. You have the positive energy :/ the bold invitation which takes charge of the plans, followed by a playful vibe that says ‘you’ll have to promise…’.

In case she didn’t want to talk about her week, or give me her number, nor go to The Lost Society on Sunday or if she wouldn’t be a good girl, I still wanted her to reply, therefore I inserted the Daffy vs Donald Duck question.

She never replied.

Anyone reading that message can see it comes from a guy begging for an answer, meaning she had way more value than I did, at that time.

Looking at other extracts today, I noticed I would always try to force a playful vibe, as to avoid a boring conversation, but it wouldn’t sound natural. As consequence, I would run out of gimmicks, my targets would run out of patience.

The fake-it-till-you-make-it won’t last but for a few hours. Texting was never my strongest skill, but it’s improved a hundred fold, hence I get replies, dates, F-Bombings and a few short to mid-term relationships.

An oversimplified analysis is that I’m more genuine. Likewise, I’m a better human being, as a consequence, it’s easier to be genuine and show a more attracting personality.

I remember being frustrated sometimes, even as an advanced PUA (I don’t relate to this term anymore) for always being a few messages away from getting that super-hot girl, but I wasn’t communicating well enough with them. That’s why a lot of people find easier picking up drunk chicks at a nightclub, because they don’t need to restart asking about Daffy Duck the next day.

Six years have gone by and I wonder whether I should text Kristina again. Something along this line:

… so, have you decided about Sunday yet?


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