Poker Face

Fuck this shit! I’ve decided to become rich. Only by working at my company is not the way to do it, so I’ve decided to take on a new endeavour and become a poker player!

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It’s all about waiting for the right moment.

I haven’t made that much money, but I’m a winner in live cash games, averaging 8/10 (eight winning sessions out of ten), averaging 170% ROI. Yet, I want to make it to the big games, travel the world in tournaments and cash games, be able to live wherever the hell I damn please, while my small company in Brazil makes me a little bit more of money.

To accomplish that, I’ve joined a team. They are going to teach me classes and I am going to give them 50% of my winnings, until we reach a certain amount. It’s a fair deal, since they are showing me the secrets to making money. The exchange Euro to BRL is beneficial to me too.

After two weeks of training, I can already notice some changes, but it’s going to take me about nine months to see some significant results.

This feels a lot like when I met the RSG Bastards, and the results of that meeting have been nothing short of spectacular. I’ve F-Bombed well over 150 women, being them models, strippers, teachers, two famous dancers, among many others. It will be no different in this new journey.

Can you imagine a sophisticated man who is really good with women and can do fairly well in the cards-rooms? They should make a film about this man, as in he drinks martini while he is in a mission and needs to win a game…



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