Analyzing Game

I’ve always thought that game is something you do well when you’re travelling or living away from your hometown. I used to do alright in London, even though my concepts were still being molded; it was when I began having a breakdown and decided to come back to Brazil. My DHVs weren’t congruent. I used to work as a carpet fitter, but would go to nightclubs in Mayfair, or fancy bars like Milk & Honey. It was a big deal for me, at that time. In order to hide my profession, I’d tell people that I was a life-coach, which is one of the lamest thing a person can claim to be. You need someone to coach you how to live…? I now have great pride in telling people I worked installing carpet, a skilled job that requires ability and expertise. I would make people’s homes look better and more comfortable, by the work of my hands.

Getting a coach for game is a different matter, and if it weren’t for the help I got from my RSG friends, I would never have gotten the success I’ve achieved, having F-Bombed dancers who are on national television (more than one), teachers, students, strippers, virgins, librarians, etc.

Back in Brazil, the breakdown happened because I was no longer the foreigner with a cool accent. I was merely a Brazilian person among 189.999.999 other Brazilians. Nobody would ask me where I was from. My DHVs about playing football on the streets would have no effects here. Of course I could talk about my 11 year experience living abroad, but the first few times I tried, it would feel like bragging, especially if brought up early in the conversation.

Game teaches you how to show the opposite sex you are a high-value person.

When I went to the Sex Island, I was once again the different guy; bald, tall and less tanned, bringing a sexy, different Sao Paulo accent, my stocks were very high. Everyone’s got a friend who’s travelled many places, is confident, has a successful career, can defend himself, protects his family and friends, but cannot translate that into getting skirts. We see celebrities marrying women (not girls) whom many would score as high 7s. I saw Rodrigo Minotauro’s former girlfriend when he was at his peak. She was just plain. (Now he’s dating a hot model.) The same goes to Ronaldinho’s girlfriend.

Game teaches you how to show the opposite sex you are a high-value person. At first, we fake it. That was me in London and in my first two years in Brazil. Changing your core takes time and people often stop halfway through it; some even settle for a slightly hotter girlfriend before the upgrade is completed. Others get addicted to bootcamps.

Although Game itself is better played away, in your hometown you can build a tight social circle that you can use in your favour. I take my dates to three bars where staff know me and will greet me with a smile. Sometimes I take a hotter girl to where I play poker – a mansion with swimming pool, a nice outdoor areas and a bar. Players and dealers will come talk to me, respectfully. It emulates the restaurant scene in Goodfellas, where Ray Liotta leads the girl through the kitchen.

Image result for goodfellas restaurant scene

Whereas on the Sex Island I’d feel comfortable going out to a club on my own, and would often pick up a girl and bring her home, in my city I pick up less, but the effect on the girls is much deeper. They are often in awe with my lifestyle and want a long-term relationship.


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