Playing Poker Like James Bond

I don’t ever mean to entice people to a life of card playing, in which you have to trick your opponents into giving you their money or chips. Similarly, I would never want anyone to break a little girl’s heart or to be given to commitmentless sex, engage in one-night stands nor F-Bomb another man’s woman. Under absolutely no circumstances would I ever endorse self-inducing any hallucinogenic drugs.

While Casinos are banned in Brazil, Poker is not, since our government don’t consider it to be gambling (and I agree), therefore there are Poker Houses in the main big centres, many holding one tournament a day (mostly in the evening) and some ring games.

Image result for james bond poker
‘I”ll see your one thousand, and I’ll raise you my friend’s good eye.’

The game is Texas Hold’em, 60 reais Buy-In for the tournament, 4K Pay-Out guaranteed. Re-entries are allowed until the 8th level of blinds.

Blinds are around 1K – 2K with ante of 100. In essence, the game is mildly tight. There are 37 players left, out of 64 (with 130+ re-entries). Only the best ten players get paid.

I am the Big Blind when one aggressive bully opens with 4K, guy to his left calls, everyone folds it to me and I also call with Q2, because of the odds. The Flop comes:

T (10) 4 2 rainbow:

I flop the small pair. I check, Bully checks, other guy checks. I figure nobody has the T, and they wouldn’t open pre-flop with a 4 or a 2. (Bully and I are chip leaders with a little less than 100K each).

The Turn comes another blank: a 6.

Bully bets 8K, guy to his left folds and I call. It’s two-handed now.

The river comes another T.

I’m first to say, so I check. The pot has about 30K. The bully reaches his chips and bets 18K.

All I am thinking is he doesn’t have the T, or else he would have C-Bet on the flop. What could he possibly have? I am thinking a bluff. He could also have a pair like 33 to 77, but why would he not C-Bet the Flop to see where he was at? He then over-bets the Turn and similarly the River.

As I was playing back the whole hand in my mind, up to that moment, I looked down to my chips and, as I reached them, I quickly turned my head and looked at the Bully. His face changed only so slightly. While I played with the 18K chips in my hand, I proceeded to staring at him, and then called.

He presented A 7 of Spades. My paired 2 was good and I won the pot.

Praises came from all sides while I organized my chips.

I went on to eliminate this very same player at the final table. He fell in 5th place. When there were three players left (after nine hours of playing), a deal was made and we split the pot equally among us three.

Each of us three got more than twice as much as the 4th place, three times more than the 5th and well over twenty times our investment.



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