Being A Former PUA (Part 2.2)

A Former PUA Part 1

A Former PUA Part 2

Having spent 11 years living abroad, I got used to being the tanned-South-American-looking guy among my peers, usually the one person with a foreigner accent.

In 2011 I decided it was time to move back to Brazil. Having learnt PUA, I was now much more confident and ready to embrace any challenges my ‘new’ country would have to offer. I never expected it to be so difficult.

I was simply one Brazilian among 200 million of other Brazilians. I no longer had an accent, I looked like everyone else, but had less knowledge of this new world. I didn’t know the musics, what was cool, where to take girls on dates, not even where to go to meet girls.

One of the first sets I opened, while I was out with some new friends, was at a nightclub in Campinas, SP: a cute ginger in her early 20s. I was soon telling her one of my DVH stories about this time when I was living in London…

So what you lived in London?’ She said interrupting me. ‘I too have been to London and I don’t need to go on bragging about it. It’s unnecessary!’ 

I calmly put both my hands on her shoulders, span her 180 degrees and gently pushed her away. She looked at me in disbelief while I said ‘Go back to your friends. You’re a pain-in-the-ass. 

She never even looked at me again and I couldn’t care less.

That stuck-up girl didn’t understand that all my stories, and my adult life for that matter, were about London, Europe or the USA. I had no identity in Brazil, and although I spoke the language, my vocabulary was far from refined and articulated.

It was a longish journey to get to where I am: Being able to pick among the best girls and fuck them.

It’s a completely different ball game now. Having studied Languages and Literature at a university since I’ve been back, I became a good speaker of my own language, and I’ve managed to further improve my English. Additionally, I’ve had quite a few tight adventures in locations most Brazilians will never set foot on, like in The Amazon Forest, for example.

Not only do I have a Brazilian identity now, I’ve got hundreds of stories and experiences to share. Maybe I am still a little bit naive for many things, consequently sometimes I will end up in a hospital because of some hallucinogenic drugs, other times I will get robbed by some metre-and-a-half teenagers in front of five girls, and for me those things work.

Even though I no longer need to go out and put myself into situations just to have a great story to tell, things keep on happening to me. I don’t plan to get robbed in front of five girls, nor to get so high I’ll end up in a hospital. (I don’t normally take drugs. Kids, say no to drugs. They are bad for you. I was in a spiritual rite that went wrong.).

At the same time I’m quite experienced about many other things in life and manage to get out of difficult situations (hopefully) unscathed.

When I tell my stories, I am able to entertain and even seduce people. Maybe it’s my suave voice added to the fact I’m very passionate about my own life (some may call it selfishness – I call it loving who I am), therefore I am passionate about my stories too. I am not some great story teller such as Jimmy Jambone or an outstanding writer such as Bodi or Krauser – instead I’ve got my own things going on. My PUA Persona is long gone. I am now a centred, well-lived Bastard with a rock-solid confidence and the will to take on whichever challenges in life. Those are things PUA won’t teach you; You’ve got to learn them yourself. PUA is more like a make up you put on – it’s important at first, but wears out with time.

There are still tons to improve, but boy, did I have a head-start…

Me wearing Make Up. It’s a great picture, though. 

Next Post: Number of girls I’ve closed while living on The Sex Island.


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