How I Became a ‘Former’ PUA – part I


I had always been slightly better looking than the average man up to the age of 25, and that helped me to land about 15 to 18 girls, including two marriages (with the same woman) and one one occasion I moved in with a girlfriend. Most girls I had successful dated were met through social circles, although I can think of a few I picked up from ‘cold approach’ – after lots of eye contact.

At the age of 26 I got a scar on my face, started going bold and got divorced for the second time. Plus I was self conscious of my Brazilian/American accent while I was living in the UK. How’s that for limiting beliefs? I thought no girl should want me.

I was introduced to Game through a friend who was 5′.4” tall and had never been successful with girls before, but suddenly started dating girls taller than him. Still it took a little bit of convincing at first, but soon my bedroom started being filled with books: The Game, Natural Game, NLP, Persuasion, etc. Living in London, it was easy to find seminars and, consequently, wingmen – people who thought they were going to be the next Mystery and rock the world. Very few turned out to be normal.

But this pursuit led me to meet the coolest game crew London has seen.

First steps

Day Game was on trend in London, so I’d wear my smart shoes, cool jeans and a Zara Blazer, as advised by Gambler in one of his books. Walking around Covent Garden one day I saw this guy closing a very cute Thai girl who, not only stopped to talk to him, but even lit a cigarette while he leaned against a lamp post looking all cool. The girl had barely left when I approached him to ask whether he knew Game. This guy turned out to be Krauser, before he got famous. We must have talked for half an hour, him doing 70% of the talk, and I must’ve understood 20 words here and there. Well…

We exchanged numbers as he told me about a Sarge School (SS – it became Rock Solid Game after) which offered beginner and advanced Bootcamps (with infields) for a low price. As soon as I got home I signed up through their shabby website. What really had caught my eyes were the very detailed description on each instructor, which I must have read a dozen times trying to imagine what would be like to be a PUA. There were the cool Tony T, the NLP wiz J. Maguire (what a cool name!), the very laid-back Jimmy Jambone, gorgeous Becky, the ever-confident Diamond and Ace, the prodigy. Burto, Lee and Shammeen weren’t featured at that time. Their bootcamp lasted three days, starting on Friday evening.

On the next day I receive this email:

Hi Suave
Thanks for your email, and indeed signing up!
Im in Durham for a week with a client helping him in the University’s freshers week. Apparently, there are too many teenage women here for him to handle-I hate my job.
What ever level you are at, we can help.
In the basic seminar, we work on approaching and appraoch anxiety, as well as the basic sarging structure – as well as bodylanguage.
Jimmy will also talk about attraction and creating value, so you can meet and attract women outside your social circle.
Give me a call if you need any more questions answered. 077xxxxxx8.
Welcome aboard, and enjoy the weekend, you will receive another email a few days before weekend telling you more about the location and times.

The first bootcamp


On the day of the bootcamp I spent all day feeling a bit of anxiety and nervousness. I could barely concentrate at work. At night, at the rendezvous, it was plain nervousness. ‘What if the other students are much cooler guys,‘ I would think. ‘What if they don’t like my accent and try to ‘throw’ me to different wingmen during the bootcamp?’

It was Ace who met us outside the station and walked us to an exclusive bar, where they had booked a room, in the heart of London. Along with me there were two Australians and an Englishman enrolled. I guess the instructors knew we would be nervous so they got us to talk about our expectations for the weekend, and that helped. We were soon very relaxed. All the instructors would come up to us and introduce themselves with a warm handshake and a smile on their faces. They were so confident! On top of all, there was a comradeship among them and they all seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

On the first day we studied basic staff: Opening, attraction and number-closing using the Mystery Method as a structure. Ace presented most of it on the first day and Jimmy would talk about attraction on the second day while Tony T talked about body language and ‘state’ control. The infield would be in Piccadilly and would last four hours everyday.

The other students and I were all sitting in a circle listening to Tony T’s talk while Jambone, lying down on a sofa, was making jokes with Shammen, but a bit too loud for Tony’s taste, so Tony just kicked Jambone’s foot so he’d be more quiet.

It was nearly 10:00 PM when the seminar was over and I was looking forward to doing the infield part. Nobody mocked my accent and I was happy to overhear Ace willingly saying ‘I’ll take Fernando, when they were designating the wingman each student would have. ‘I guess I’m not a hard case after all.’

The infield

In a way, you are paying money to hang out with cool guys for a weekend. It was worth every penny. Our instructors weren’t worried about anything. They were having a good time and that reflected on us. Ace must have pushed me to approached eight or nine sets that night. I couldn’t close any (though at some point a milf was throwing herself at me), but I felt motivated to continue in that path. I hung on to every word that was said in the seminar and did everything my instructors asked me to do. It had to work. After the seminar, on my way home, I remember having the most entertaining chat these two girls ever had on the bus. I couldn’t close them. Now I understand that the changes at that time were too superficial and girls could see through that. But more was to happen the next day.

I was making my way to Covent Garden to the Day Game part of the bootcamp when I receive a message for Krauser asking: ‘Hey, have you done the bootcamp with SS?

I very much remember thinking that if I told Krauser that I was on my way to do Day Game, he was going to show up ‘unintentionally’. So I did just that. ‘I’m in the middle of it. We are meeting at Covent Garden station at 14:00.’ 

We were receiving final instructions from Jimmy (J. Maguire couldn’t attend) when Krauser walking-past-on-his-way-to-doing-day-game ‘recognised’ us and came to say hi. As Jimmy was short-handed, he asked Krauser whether he knew how to do day game. Krauser shrugged as he replied, ‘I’m alright, yeah.’

We did some approaches, I nearly number-closed a girl (again) and Krauser managed to impress both Jimmy and Ace with his improved skills. He had already done the bootcamp with SS/RSG.

Here is what happened after happened after the bootcamp weekend: Krauser and I became friends; Krauser would be invited to hang out with the SS/RSG crew (they had seen some potential in him).

My graduation.
My graduation.

First successes 

Follow this link for part II.


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