Living on a Sex Island (Being a Sex God) – Part II

Living on a sex-island you don’t really need Tinder to find girls, let alone the attractive ones, but…

My Tinder has two good pictures of me at cool places (showing I’m a cool guy) and three conveying pre-selection, plus a brief description of my adventurous personality.

A few weeks ago I matched with this cute little blonde and started to chat. In one of her pictures she was in what looked like to be a kids’ classroom, and she turned out to be a teacher. We exchanged a few messages then she asked me whether we could chat via Whatsapp, I said yes and gave her my number, upon which she simply wrote down hers. Lazy b*tch. She had the trouble to write down her number, but didn’t want to save mine! I couldn’t be bothered, so I never saved her number nor message her any further.

Maybe two weeks after I receive a message saying ‘hi‘ from her. I wonder whether that’s an Indication of Interest?!?

We chatted for a few days, but as she doesn’t go out much I never invited her to do anything, plus, she never really caught my attention, until browsing through my contacts I saw her again and decided to chat for gist. It was the day after the eclipse, so we talked about that and then she asks me:

Her: when are we going to meet? Lol

Me: Let’s arrange something this week. You are an indoor person and don’t like to dance. Should I take you to a church…?

Her: Lol, lol, lol, hahahaha (emoticons, etc.). We can drink some wine and chat. You’re a funny guy, it will be nice to meet you.

Me: Let’s hope so.

We exchanged some logistical details and she turned out to live in the very same condominium I used to. She lives alone and, as we were talking about foods and cooking I stated that judging by her pictures she is slim. She told me that she is a ‘false slim.’ (Fuck, is she saying that she has a fat belly or something?). I asked her ‘what is a false slim?’ and she replies with this:

Though I don’t like falseness, I guess I can keep an open mind about a false slim.

Me: I think I’m a false slim too. (Notice, I don’t compliment her on her looks).

Her: (emoticons laughing) Lol, hahaha.

I then send her a picture of me with a tall blonde at a party, showing pre-selection and my physics which is quite alright in that picture. This is Tinder – the visual is more important than your game to start with. As I’m ‘shiny’ in the North region of Brazil, I use my looks to my advantage (which would be of no use down south where I’m from).

Then she uses text-book-game on me:

Her: Do you like films? (She is rooting for her invitation).

Me: Yes, but only if there is popcorn. (I’m not so easy).

Her: Because it would be nice if we watch a film here and eat popcorn. (She is meeting my demands – is she trying to Netflix and Chill me?)
Her: And we could drink something too. (She wants to get me drunk to get into my pants…?).

Me: I guess it would be nice.

Her: I know you wouldn’t do anything to me. Right? (Is this her take away?)

Me: Of course not. Why would I?

Her: That’s what I thought. You are funny. (She is verbalizing her interest on me so I won’t think it’s only for sex).

Me: When is the best day for you, little teacher? (From hindsight she was on her period during this exchange. She will suggest a day she is on the clear).

Her: Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I looked at her picture again and then replied:


After this exchange on Monday, we continued chatting every night via the recording thing on Whatsapp. I did that to keep the set warm, but never did I mentioned the Netflix & Chill date.

Friday comes, we talk for a bit then I invite her out (as to not invite myself to her house). She asks whether she can answer later. I say, ‘sure, no problem,’ wait twenty minutes then send her a message saying ‘I’m going to a book fair with some friends tonight. There is a party in there. Let’s meet another day.

She replies with a sad-face emoticon and asks what time this party ends. Bingo! I tell her elevenish. (Later she told me she was expecting me to complain about the cancellation, but because I didn’t she wanted to meet me even more).

At around 10 PM she sends me a voice-message saying her girlfriends had left her house. She was having a party! She also says that she is a little bit tipsy and it wouldn’t be good to see her this way. ‘Right?’

Here I can’t insist, but her ‘right?’ at the end suggests that she doesn’t know and wants me to answer for her. But I cannot give my power away either.

I reply that ‘I will go over just to chat for a bit, as I have things to do the next day and have to be up early,’ (bullshit).

She agrees to that, says she is going to organize her apartment and get herself together.

After about forty minutes she texts saying she is ready. Funny, because I was about to invite Curly Hair out thinking Netflix & Chill’s was going to flake. When I got to Netflix & Chill’s house, I was waiting apprehensively as she could look like anything in person. I was glad to see that she looked good in person as well as in pictures. She has sluty eyes (I like them) and a body made to be smashed during sex, like she had been built for it and for nothing else! Her skin is slightly tanned which is a nice contrast with her straight blonde hair reaching down to the middle of her back. She is 1.60 metre tall. When we were walking up, I accidentally looked at her ass. Through her white shorts you can barely see she is wearing pink thongs.

Her apartment is quite chic. We sat in the sofa sharing a beer under deemed lights. Kino was on immediately – my hand on her legs. At times we were talking so close that we could feel each other’s breath. Sexuality was in the air.

Now, any chode would have jumped into her loops and started to make out with her straight away, which would most probably ignite her LMR. I saw through that and came to the conclusion that her throwing herself at me was like some test to see how easy I was. All I had to do was to continue building attraction and be aloof – at the end we both knew she had invited me to fuck her, but the game had to be played right. I allowed her to seduce me, while being in charge of the conversation (she is used to being in charge among her peers, so I had to interrupt her a couple of times to assert my dominance – the same way girls do) and kept my frame – alpha, living in abundance, etc., which are the natural reflection of my current reality. You have to know how to let a girl seduce you. Of course, she is clueless about doing so, but why would I game a girl who is gaming me?

The only room that has air conditioner is her bedroom, so she invites me there after a bit over one hour. In 10 minutes we are half naked, making out on top of each other. She is as nice and firm as in her picture. Her flat stomach is the reason we learn game.

As soon as I remove her underwear, I reach for a condom, put it on and stick it in. There is some verbal resistance which I disregard as her body is saying she wants me. That tight warm feeling! After a few minutes of fucking she reaches over a night stand and produces a closed package of KY. I guess someone wants to be naughty. She said she had a dream. Her words! She did not say fantasy, she said dream. She asked me to take her anal virginity. It didn’t take much to convince me (I guess I am a little be easy after all).

I then put her on fours in front of me and proceeded to spread the KY in her ass hole while giving her a lecture about how I was going to stick the tip of my cock in, that it was going to hurt a bit, but we would have to wait until it dilates…

If you don’t teach them that, they will just move forward when they hurt and you’ll have to start it all over again.

On and off we tried three times with the KY. The first my dick went soft (too much pressure), the second it hurt, the third we couldn’t get it in. After I washed my cock, I went to fuck her normally from behind with her leaning over her bed. Then I just switched holes while I reminded her each step of the lecture.

Okay, it’s in. Now just wait a bit till it to dilates. I know it is hurting you. Don’t worry, I won’t push it all in yet.’ And then I slowly pushed it all in.

Lesson to learn: Be very careful when a girl invites you for Netflix & Chill. She might have second intentions.

P.S. While Netflix & Chill is hotter to the eye and I’m sexually attracted to her, I feel Curly Hair is much more sensual. She has an exotic beauty and mannerisms – delicate, elegant, charming, good-hearted, has big eyes and is not loud. In terms of showing your friends, Netflix wins (by a hair). In terms of falling in love (worry not, I won’t go that path), Curly would be my choice. 


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