Quick Update

Suave is alive and well. Actually, quite tired too. Since I’ve been focusing all my effort into running a business, there is very little time for real Game – except when it’s poker game, played sitting on my ass – or writing about anything.

However, next week I will hopefully be posting about a threesome. If it goes wrong I will post it too, just for laughs.

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‘May I interest you in a product that will be profitable for me?’

Ultimate Seduction

She was wearing a thin dress that went above her knees and a jacket over it when I arrived to Pick her Up. It was mildly cold, as it normally is this time of the year in Sao Paulo. Our first date was going to be at my place. We had only to stop at the local supermarket to pick up a bottle of wine and some candles. My house was hit by a storm, so I had no power at home.

The supermarket would help to break the ice, there should be any. It was easy, just poke fun of her. At the wine section she told me she liked sweet wine so I asked an assistant whether they had wine for kids. At the stationary isle I told her we had crayons and paper at home and that she needn’t worry. So I went on with this frame, calling her a child all the way through.

This childish girl is very feminine, has a sweet, delicate voice, green eyes and a beautiful face. She looks like Snow White.

At my place I gave her a tour of the house and introduced her to Top Bob, a teddy monkey I found met a while ago. I live at a seven room house, which is also a school, so there were lots to show. The highlight of the tour was a kids room with small chairs and desks.

She walks as an artist in evidence, but very casually and romantically. Snow White is always smiling and sometimes giggling for no reason.

Snow White
She wants the Bad Wolf from the other story.

In my kitchen, she was standing in the middle of the floor, waiting for the matches to light the candles. I walked up to her, grabbed her head, pulled her in and kissed her. There had been virtually no kino prior to that moment, and yet it was magical, masculine and seductive. My fingers were touching her legs just where her dress ended. We both got excited by the touch, her tongue went cold. We parted.

She was feeling very comfortable in my kitchen, lighting the candles while I opened the wine. I was telling her how my house was similar to Fight Club’s Paper Street house.

Halfway through the first glass of wine we were kissing again. She’d removed her jacket, I was pulling her hair and kissing her neck. She was wearing micro underwear. With one hand I lifted her dress. I wanted to expose her, even though there was no one to see. I wanted her to feel exposed. She was wearing no bra and her dress slid off her shoulders. Her dress was now a garment in her waistline which soon dropped to her feet. She had only her micro nickers on, while I was still fully dressed, leaning against the kitchen sink.

She got the warmth she needed from my body. My hand was squeezing her leg and bum, she was rubbing her body against my crotch. I slid her panties down. She was now fully exposed to me while I was fully dressed. I could do anything with her now.

The first thing I wanted her to feel was my F-Bomb, so I never fingered her. I led her to my bedroom while I got undressed, dropping my clothes in the hallway. When I laid her onto my bed, a strip of light that came through the window lit her face. Her eyes brightened when I first penetrated her. She kept the same feminine manners, being submissive and caring.

She knows her body well because she does Tantra Meditation with a group of women. When she cums, her orgasms can last over two minutes.

A very delicate and sweet girl with amazing skills in bed. And she is not even experienced. We spent all night on top of each other, switching positions whenever the other got tired. She is so tight I thought she was a virgin.

When I was dropping her off in the morning she said two things I will never forget: 1) Thank you for the night and the magnificent orgasms; 2) I’m going to need a pillow to sit on at work today.

Approach Gone Horrible – When The AMOG Is Your Best Friend

In a turn of events…

We are out at a posh(ish) bar at my home town, my ‘nigga,’ his girlfriend/wife, some of her friends and I. At some point a girl from another table caches my eyes but I never approach her at the bar. However, when we are leaving the place, she is leaving at the same time as me, randomly. I approach her outside, in front of her other girlfriend and her 75% faggot friend – who in my eyes was interested in fucking my target too.

It was bad timing, a bad approach and it was in front of her friends and some bar staff. We’ve all gone through that. We just sleep it off, thinking about the other 150+ that went right. No big deal. As I was walking back towards my best friend in Brazil and his girlfriend, the faggot and the other girl continued to make fun of me, how my approach was horrible, etc. The half fag was still talking while he was entering the target’s car – in the backseat, may I state. In return, and as a reflex, I called the guy a faggot and said the name of a right-wing politician whom the LGBT hate, similar to Donald Trump. My Nigga was at the toilet at that time, but his girlfriend was right next to me, who in turn started to apologize for my attitude.

Have you ever had a girl apologizing for your actions [lately]? If yes, you are not entitled to stand while you piss any longer. Please use the women’s toilet from now on.

My Nigga comes back from the toilet, his girl sitting down, refusing to leave; problem is, his car is parked at my place, therefore both of them need a ride. I start to walk towards my car – I’m not waiting for no girl. As soon as I enter my car and start the engine (without looking back) they are there too. The moody girl enters my car, followed by my Nigga. He asks ‘what the hell just happened,’ to which she replies, ‘ask Suave.’

Up to this moment I’m just laughing and giggling, so I ask her to tel her version, mainly because I want to understand it. Her depraved version  was that I had embarrassed her.

Let’s talk about embarrassment: We men go through a lot of shit to be able to approach a girl, anywhere. For those who’ve got 100+ notches have gone at least through 1000+ approaches. We are used to being denied, it’s not a big deal. We’ve all been humiliated by strangers before, but it’s all worth it when we get the next lay. We brush it off. But being humiliated by someone within your peer is way too much!

I lost it, so i stopped the car, apologized to my Nigga and laid it off to his Muddy Girlfriend: ‘I was ”humiliated” by those people in front of everyone; you don’t even know them,’ I said. In response, she slammed my car door opened; I told her to be careful with my car doors, to which she slammed it back close and walked off!

Let me tell you about my car: I’m not too attached to it; it’s just a car, but it’s mine.

I sold my last car, which was virtually paid off, to get the money to buy my own business (as a down payment), and I financed 100% my current car. I’m going to be paying it for the next three years. A girl, who isn’t mine’ can’t just slam my car door.

My Nigga opened his passenger’s door to go after her and then looked at me asking what to do. I told him it’d be okey if he went after her. Instead he said ‘let’s have a fag.’ I needed one. We had four or five cigs and a couple of beers before she called him. Thing is, he understood that she was (badly) wrong, and I never forced him towards that, in fact whatever decision he makes (tomorrow) I’ll be standing by him – as I’ve told him too.

As a man, I’ve once again put my balls on the line in order to get that one extra notch. Being turned down was never a problem, but being sold by my friend’s girlfriend is a bit hard to swallow. I was very respectful towards the girl who turned me down, but taking shit from her ‘gay’ friend and [on top of that ] my Nigga’s girlfriend is a bit too much.


It was a different kind of happy meal. After having picked up Ginger at a rock bar through some Rock Solid Played Game, having had to mildly AMOG a very good looking competitor who wanted the same girl as me, she would just refuse to come to my house. We were making out on the street, next to her car, her girl friend inside, waiting to get dropped off. Ginger’s hand was inside my jeans.

Logistics was difficult because she had her car and I had mine. We live in opposite directions. What would you do? Invite her to Mac Donalds, of course!

She gladly accepted my invitation, so we dropped her friend off then she followed me.

“I’ll have the new Anus Pounder, please.”

The ideia of going to Mac D’s was because it’s a 24-hour thing. Now, you have to consider that using the drive thru would not be a good strategy, so we decided to park in a little corner, far from any prying eyes.

She parked next to me and then entered my car.

Let me tell you a bit about Ginger. She is 1,62m and works as a personal trainer. Yes, she is fit [!], has got a flat stomach, curvy ass and (at least) D-cup breast. No sooner than she entered my car her hands were all over my cock. We found a new connotation to Super Size.

Our intention was not to fuck there, but things got out of hand, so I pulled her knickers down, span  her around and conquered her from behind.

Neither of us came, but I got the notch! She is coming round for more tonight. She said that, if I give her my address she will come visit every-other night. I’m loving it.

After we finished, she got into her car and drove off, while I stopped to order some French Fries to go.

“She is having a large what…?”

A Fructiferous Friendship

A couple of years ago Golden and I started a mild argument at a party, minutes after being introduced to each other. She had a gym body and a tanned skin. Fifteen minutes after the argument started I walked out with her number.

Weeks later, after having F-Bombed the hell out of her a couple of times, we went together to another party in which she introduced me to three girl-friends of hers. Golden rates as a 7.5, two of her friends as 7s and one as a solid 8. I F-Bombed one of the 7s at this very same party (in the toilet), the other 7 (Church Girl) and the 8 (Eight) about a year after. Church Girl and Eight was a failed treesome attempt. While Church Girl was (obviously) up for it, Eight was concerned about their friendship, which, I am not proud to say,  was disrupted because of me. I F-Bombed them separately, being the Eight in my car, parked in front of her grandmother’s house.

Golden is now in a serious relationship. Last night she called me saying 1) she had a fight with her boyfriend; 2) wanted to party and; 3)  had a new girl-friend to introduce to me.  Since I 1) am a good shoulder to cry on; 2) like to party; 3) am a sociable being, I decided to meet her and the new girl-friend.

cry sholder
It’s okey, you can cry.

I am not too sure whether her boyfriend would like to find out the details of last night, but Golden turned out to be bissexual, plus she’s got a very promiscuous girl-friend. It was the best threesome I’ve had so far and the most exciting night of 2016. I’ve had little time to game this year, because of work, so this was really good, benefiting from my previous lays.

Golden said she will fight with her boyfriend more often now. I’ve got to take her side.

Almost Closing A Former Student

A girl named Cross-Fitter studied with me in 2014, and I could have closed her at that time, but I had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend, so I couldn’t be bothered with the whole platonic love from a student.

Since I am now back in Sao Paulo, I decided to invite her out. She is still dating the same guy.

I can be a real bastard sometimes, but not this time! Considering that she had teacher crush for me and out of respect for her being in a serious relationship, I didn’t fuck her; Instead I had her sucking my dick while I came on her face.

When The AMOG Is Your Friend

Americano again. He was drunk, full of energy and AMOGing everyone in his perimeter.

From the start he saw the girl from the previous post and he looked at her then looked at me. Apparently the very little conversation I had with her last week was enough to spark attraction, even the circumstances not being favourable. Then Americano, not content with what he’d achieved last week, was trying to have another go. I stopped him:

Listen, mate, you’re fucking it up again by looking at her then looking at me expectantly.’

He got the message, but then unleashed  a different type of AMOGing, the one Neil Strauss mentions in his book – the guy who puts his arm around you, elbows you on the chest and messes with your hair.

When I first read The Game, I couldn’t relate to this ‘elbowing someone’s chest thing,‘ and I know why now – I was living in the UK. This is very much an American thing, and Americano does that all the time!

I don’t want to counter-amog him in front of his girlfriend, but when she went to the toilet I made sure to do everything he’d done to me and I made sure it was in full view of everybody else:

You are my best friend in Brazil and I love you, but you are fucking annoying when you’re drunk,‘ said I with my arm around his neck. I then messed with his hair while asking him, ‘how does this feel?

He replied with a laugh, while touching my head.

See,’ said I, gently removing his hand. ‘Fucking annoying,’ while (again) I messed with his hair, following with my elbowing his chest.

Whether he got it, I don’t know. I reckon everyone noticed he is (extremely) uncalibrated. I still managed to propel my alphaness over everyone else at the bar(!), especially in how I dealt with the situation with my friend Americano. I managed to get two more contact details to follow up next week, while helping a drunk girl from the group. Needless to say she was never feminine nor attractive.